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Special Programs

        We are very fortunate to have an abundance of special programs at P.S. 104.  Here are some of the programs that we would like to share with you:

Penny Harvest 
This is an amazing program that unites our community together.  Classes compete with each other to bring pennies.  Once the pennies are weighed and counted,  students form a committee to decide how the money should be used.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Oratorical Contes 
Each year, students from all grades memorize an excerpt from Dr. Marin Luther Kings Jr.'s famour speech "I Have A Dream." The higher the grade level the more challenging the speech becomes.  Three students from each class recite the famous speech on stage and compete against each other.  The criteria for which they are judged includes: memorization, enunciation, style, intonation and projection.  The students with the highest scores receive trophies.

Poem In A Pocket
On a designated Day in April, teachers and students participate to celebrate their favorite poems.  Classes conduct intervisitations with other classrooms and recite their poems throughout the day.

Star Track 
Legal professionals mentor the fifth grade students at P.S. 104 through lessons, schoolwide assemblies and visitatons to the courts.  The Queen's District Attorney's Office promotes leadership with this non-violence program.  The program concludes with a student participating event at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Chess Incentive:
A highly skilled chessmaster shows students the tricks and competitive angles to become a successful chess players.  Students engage in problem solving and critical thinking skills using complex strategies.  They are taught to be one step ahead of their opponents.  The chessmaster educates students to make right choices promoting successful outcomes.

The Leadership Program
At P.S. 104, we have trained facilitators, who promote positive parent involvement.  Many workshops are provided at school.  Parents participate with classes to share their skills and motivate children to make "right choices."

Every Person Influences Children sets the tone for conflict resolution and allows students to become aware of their own character development.

Parents As Arts Partners
Our school has been the recipient of the P.A.A.P. grant for three consecutive years.  Partnering with the Rockaway Artists Alliance, this years parents created a 3-dimensional globe to support our new Core Knowledge curriculum.  The globe stands proudly in the school gallery.

Field Day
On this day, our school celebrates each childs' unique talents and works together to promote teamwork.  Every grades competes in special indoor and outdoor activites.  This exciting, fun, filled day leaves everyone smiling.
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