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Families, staff and community will collaboratively nurture the intellectual and emotional growth of all PS 104 children.  Together, we will continue to achieve and maintain high standards by encouraging students to envision and reach their goals. Through caring about themselves, each other and their neighborhoods, our students will grow to be self-reliant, committed citizens of the 21st Century.


The education of children begins in the home and is continued through a partnership between parents, educators, and the community.  We believe that all children will achieve when provided with authentic learning experiences that challenge and build real-life connections.  Children must be empowered to become full participants in their education.


Today, I am sailing with success.
Today, I will show self-control.
Today, I will act kindly.
Today, I will independently follow directions.
Today, I will live respectfully and be responsible.
Together, we will have smooth sailing at PS 104.

Principal’s Message

Dear PS 104 Family:
Our children are our future!  We all know this and hold it dear to our hearts.  Working together from the home to the school extending into the community, we can provide our children the best education available.  This school year looks to be a phenomenal one with new programs both during the day and after school.  Know that we look forward to us all striving for the best as we all SAIL TOWARDS SUCCESS!

Katie Grady

Extracurricular Activities
At PS104, we encourage learning through other pathways of education. Besides, reading a textbook; students can learn an incredible amount from their peers through extracurricular activities. Students learn to compromise and work in a group to reach the same goal together. They meet and interact with peers that may not be within their close group of friends or in their grade. Our extracurricular activities help to enhance these social skills and teach lessons not learned in classrooms or text books.

Our Community

The Bayswater School brings together many partners who offer a broad range of support and opportunities to its students and the families of the community. 
    Artists, lawyers, college facilities, business people, neighbors, family members and alumni come to support and reinforce what our school is working diligently to accomplish. Everyone has a common goal ensuring young people's academic, interpersonal and work ethic success.
    Their presence turns our school into a place that shines with the thrill of experiencing and discovering unknown talents and strengths from our students. PS 104 along with our community, represents a rich mosaic of viewpoints and experiences from all who are active learners. 
    In our community we work with: The Parent Teacher Association, The School Leadership Team, The Learning Leaders, The Parent Volunteer Academy, Queen's District Attorney's Star Track Program, Artists Alliance, Carnegie Hall, The Metropolitan Opera, The City Harvest Food Drive, Penny Harvest, Principal For A Day and The Leadership Program.
    The talent, energy and commitment of these partnerships in our community unite around the shared mission of improving the lives of students, their families and The Bayswater community we call "home".

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