Temporary School Contact Phone Numbers

  • (718) 938-6960
  • (347) 306-9240
  • (347) 306-9235

A Message from the Chancellor to Parents and Guardians of Students Who Receive Yellow Bus Service: 

In order to accommodate the students who are displaced in Brooklyn and other parts of Queens, the following bus stops are now available:


  • Avenue Y and East 17th Street - 6:50AM Pickup / 2:20PM Dropoff
  • Avenue U and Marine Park (parking lot) - 7:15AM Pickup / 2:20PM Dropoff
  • Avenue T and Van Sicklen Street (Sts. Simon and Jude) - 6:30AM Pickup / 2:20PM Dropoff
  • 84th Street and Ridge Boulevard - 6:50AM Pickup / 2:20PM Dropoff


  • 73-25 Woodhaven Boulevard (Sports Authority parking lot) - 7:10AM Pickup / 2:30PM Dropoff

Please contact Parent Coordinator Kathy Meade at 347-563-4222 or the school at 347-306-9240 or 9235 with questions.

As the Cronston Avenue entrance is currently closed, please be reminded that B. 135th St. is used exclusively in the morning and afternoon for the buses to drop students off; please do not drive and drop off students at this entrance unless they are here for early morning concert band and Living Environment (7:00 AM) or for breakfast (7:30 AM).  Only walkers may continue to use this entrance after 7:30 AM.  The B. 134th St. entrance continues to be the drop off entrance that opens at 7:45 AM, as per information given back in September.

The Department of Education has provided additional guidance counselors to PS/MS 114 to ensure students are supported. If you would like to speak to a counselor about your child or have your child seen by a counselor, please contact Wendy Marciano at the school at 718-938-6960 or you can contact Parent Coordinator Kathy Meade at 347-563-4222.


  • Dec 10th, 2012After asbestos abatement work was conducted over the weekend, SAI Environmental Consultants have given permission for re-occupancy of Q114 based on visual and air testing.
  • Dec 7th, 2012 - Letter on the state of Q114’s Building from Kathleen Grimm, NYC Department of Education Deputy Chancellor for Operations [PDF]
  • Dec 5th, 2012 - Letter on the state of Q114’s Building from Kathleen Grimm, NYC Department of Education Deputy Chancellor for Operations [PDF]

Since our school building reopened, in addition to the students who attended school at the Q114 relocation sites, 155 additional students have been readmitted!

Project Hope:
Project Hope is currently at PS/MS 114 to provide outreach and counseling to students and families affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Supportive counseling is being provided for both students and parents.  Please contact Desiree Vargas at 917-891-1130 for more information.

*New* Saturday Academy:
Reminder for all students that were accepted into the Saturday Academy:  It begins Saturday, January 12 - 8:00am - 11:00am.  Students can be dropped off at the main entrance at 7:50am.  Students will meet in the lunchroom.

*New* Announcement regarding Recess and Gym:
After consultation with the School Leadership Team, as of Monday, January 14, 2013, recess and gym will take place outside in the schoolyard.  Prior to sending students outside, we will take note any construction work in the area and base the decision accordingly.  We anticipate resuming our outdoor recess and gym as often as we can during the coming months.

*New* Kindergarten Applications:
The Kindergarten application period runs from January 22 - March 1, 2013 from 9:30am - 11:30am at PS/MS 114.

kidsmART after school program - see attachment
Hours:  Monday - Friday - Dismissal until 5:30pm.  Children will come directly to the cafeteria from their classroom.  Children must be picked up by 5:30pm.  Early pick ups are fine.  Only send your child on the day they are currently scheduled for.  We hope to give every child more days in the coming weeks.

The 4th Grade Art Club resumes on Monday, January 14th. 
The Grade 4 Science Club will resume after school on January 8th - room 207A.
The Grade 3 Chess Club will resume after school on January 10th.

School Pictures
School pictures have arrived at the school. If you would like to pick up your pictures, please contact the Parent Coordinator, Kathy Meade at 347-563-4222

Candy Sale Orders
Candy orders from our Candy Sale are available for pick at the school.

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