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Thursday, December 18, 2014
Please Be Advised - Extended Day
is only Mon., Tues., and Wed.

The Acuity website is used by parents to track
their child's progress on the English Language
Arts & Math predictive assessments. Students in Grades 6-8 use this website to study the lessons assigned by their teachers.

To log on to this website you must have a
user ID and a password.

The user ID is usually your child's first and last name (typed altogether and in lowercase letters).
The password is your child's student ID number. 

If you do not have your child's student ID number, you may call the school to obtain it. 
Get up to date academic information about your child, in nine different languages.

See results and explanations of assessments your child has taken.

View your child's attendance record.

NYS ELA & Math Scores.

To log on to this website you must have a user ID and a password which can be obtained from the parent coordinator.

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