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PS197Q Mission

Our mission is to create an organization that is deeply rooted in the commitment of children through strong leadership, rigorous instruction that engages customized support for all students based on multiple entry levels, and an emphasis on collaborative teaching and learning for all members of our school community which ultimately leads to high expectations and an increase in student achievement for 21st century learners.

Special Programs

By using Expanded Schools by TASC, PS197Q expands the talent and reach of school faculty by bringing in talented community educators, such as teaching artists and specialists in child development, to work alongside dedicated principals and teachers at Expand ED Schools. Together they help students excel in the rich curriculum typically found in higher income neighborhoods, and fortify kids against the stresses and hardships of poverty.

Extracurricular Activities

Virtual “Y” after-school program.

SES Princeton Review

Our Community

Our community is a diverse one with students and families from many different countries. Two major groups of students represented are Hispanic and Black. Approximately 6% of our families have recently immigrated to the United States. In addition to Bi-lingual classes, we have many students enrolled in our ESL program.

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