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Glee Club/Instrument Ensemble
Students learn basic vocal skills and join their fellow students in a chorus to perform for the school. Also, students learn how to play an instrument and join the band for a total musical experience.

African Cultural Dance Club
Students from grades 2-5 learn African, modern, and liturgical dance. Students are engaged in activities focusing on fitness, ballet techniques, the discipline of dance, and camaraderie within the membership. The African culture and history are taught in conjunction with dance and the music used. Leadership and self-esteem are also enhanced by performances at school assemblies and community functions.

Beautification Club
Students will enhance the school and neighborhood by developing a more effecient recycling program, growing their own plants, creating original artwork, and designing a community service project.

Science Club
Students will learn about plants, animals, matter, weather, rocks, and much more! Also, students will learn through hands on exploration and how things work. 

Culinary Club
Students will learn the basics of cooking and preparing some of their favorite dishes and desserts.

Artistic Creations
Students will create artistic designs of their choice along with seasonal themes. These designs will include three-dimensional projects along with illustrations of the students' choice. These multitude of projects will be displayed throughout the school as a true artistic creation.

Exploration/Young Editors Club
This club is designed to awaken the magic in each and every member. Students will use and enhance their knowledge of reading, writing, math, and the arts to create their own written masterpieces and works of art.

Readers' Theatre
This program will allow students to read a story and act it out using their flawless energy, entertaining personality, and just an opportunity to have all out fun. Students will act out a story and become the Drama King or Queen.

Students that have spirit and love to dance should join this club. They will learn new and exciting cheers while showing their school spirit.

In this club students will become an author and illustrator. They will undergo the
steps of how an author and illustrator design their own books. Students will explore a wide range of texts based on their interests and choose the type of book they want to create.

Players will improve their basketball skills by participating in organized drills and practice games before engaging in games against other teams in Queens. The team will be put on the athletic map and be a part of history as they participate in the first season!

The Wonderful World of Language (Spanish)
In the ESL/Spanish enrichment program students will learn Spanish while fostering elements of the English language. Students will enjoy learning Spanish through the use of songs, games, read alouds, dance, drama, and online resources. Also, students will explore the Spanish culture.

Drama Club
This is a special opportunity for students to exercise their creativity through acting. It will also benefit students' personal, intellectual, and social development. Students will also develop a critical awareness and appreciation of the arts.

Volleyball Club
The volleyball team will learn the basics of volleyball and how to be a team player all while having lots of fun!

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