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“The Region Five Scholars’ Academy” is located in beautiful Rockaway Park between the blue waters of Jamaica Bay and the pristine Atlantic Ocean.  The school draws a large percentage of students from within this quaint family town, or suburb within the city, as well as the greater surrounding areas of the Rockaway Peninsula.  Our students study the classics and solve problems throughout the academic year, compete in non-traditional sports after school, and surf the waves in the summer sun.  If you are looking for the optimal educational experience of living and learning in a small town within forty minutes of Manhattan, then the Scholars’ Academy may be for you.  To receive information regarding the application process, contact the Parent Coordinator, Ms. Janet Brady at (718) 474-6918.

Students are primarily drawn from across District 27 within Region Five.

The Region Five Scholars’ Academy is a diverse accelerated application based school.  Students gain admission after meeting minimum eligibility performance criteria, completion of a comprehensive application, and interview.  Admission is competitive.

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