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Scholars' Academy Mission and more:

Vision Statement To engage the entire Scholars’ Academy Community in cultivating and celebrating well rounded scholars and citizens equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to pursue success and happiness in the 21st Century

Mission Statement To prepare for college and careers of the 21st Century

Theory of Action
To leverage technology to enhance student learning through increased efficiency and communication

Teacher’s Creed
First, I will do no harm: not to body, not to mind, not to attitude, not to confidence, not to dreams, not to trust.
I will inspire, foster curiosity, engage, question, challenge, coach, and counsel.

I will engage students with and raise awareness of facts and known truths spanning history and cultures in order to teach students how to think in order to teach students how to think in order to question facts and prove the new truths of tomorrow.

I will help students think and act with honor, ethics, and respect.
I will prepare all students to find what possibilities exist within their beings so they may pursue their potential and independently discover their respective roles in society.

I will be an educator: one who draws forth the strengths of students to be independent, informed, productive, and participatory members of society.
Special Programs

- Interdisciplinary Education
- Non-Traditional Sports:  Golf, Fencing, Volleyball, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Crew, Tennis
- Prep-School Immersion in the Classics
- Regents Track Science and Math Curriculum
- Cooperative Learning Across the Curriculum
- Clubs:  Newspaper, Student Government, Economics, Law, Science, Cheerleading, Step, Chess, Band, Chorus, Art, Web Design
- Foreign Language Instruction:  American Sign Language, Spanish, Greek, and Arabic
- Media and Film Production
Extracurricular Activities    Our Extracurricular Clubs include:

·    Step Team
·    Cheerleading
·    Basketball
·    Stage crew
·    Videography
·    Lacrosse
·    MOUSE Squad
·    Library club
·    Chess club
·    Science club
·    Shakespeare club
·    Spanish
·    Math
·    Drama
·    Band
·    Chorus
·    Economics Team
                    More to come....

Our Community “The Region Five Scholars’ Academy” is located in beautiful Rockaway Park between the blue waters of Jamaica Bay and the pristine Atlantic Ocean.  The school draws a large percentage of students from within this quaint family town, or suburb within the city, as well as the greater surrounding areas of the Rockaway Peninsula.  Our students study the classics and solve problems throughout the academic year, compete in non-traditional sports after school, and surf the waves in the summer sun.  If you are looking for the optimal educational experience of living and learning in a small town within forty minutes of Manhattan, then the Scholars’ Academy may be for you.  To receive information regarding the application process, contact the Parent Coordinator, Ms. Janet Brady at (718) 474-6918.
Students are primarily drawn from across District 27 within Region Five.
The Region Five Scholars’ Academy is a diverse accelerated application based school.  Students gain admission after meeting minimum eligibility performance criteria, completion of a comprehensive application, and interview.  Admission is competitive.

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