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Broadridge Financial Inc. hosts Scholars' Staff Saturday March 14, 2009

The Scholars' Academy Staff dedicated Saturday March 14th, 2009 to an all day staff development program.  Teachers worked in teams to highlight best instructional practices in terms of:  Modeling, Cooperative Group Work, Individual Conferencing, Classroom Management, and Lesson Reflections.  The staff enjoyed a day of progressive and fun training, graciously hosted by the school's business partner, Mr. Richard Daley, CEO of Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc..  Mr. Daley was the Scholars' Academy's Principal for a Day in October of 2008.  The Scholars' Academy is ever grateful for the support of numerous members of Broadridge's staff, with specific thanks to the host on the day of the event, Mr. Robert Kalenka, Chief Operating Officer of Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc..

The Scholars' Academy is also grateful for the lovely teacher appreciation donations that many parents voluntarily sent in to support this Saturday Event.

Pictured above are the Group Work planning group and participants of one of their tasks.
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