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Our Mission

 Mission of August Martin High School

Named after the first black airline pilot in the United States, August Martin High School has 5 Academies  (Aviation and Technology, Communication Arts, Culinary Arts, Legal Studies, and Medical Technology) that create access and opportunity, through a rigorous and relevant curriculum.  Our belief is that performance based assessment with an interdisciplinary focus allows our students to be college, career, and life ready.   We offer a college preparatory program that focuses on skills necessary to be successful in college and careers with the understanding that all knowledge is interrelated.  It is our mission to graduate lifelong learners that will be change agents within their community, profession and world.

The goal of August Martin is to bring educational access and opportunity to all of our students.  It is our belief that our learning community allows us to build on skills and academic content that engage our students in interdisciplinary learning experiences.   This journey will prepare them for college and create a desire to become a lifelong learner. 
* Our 5 Academies Aviation and Technology, Communication Arts, Culinary Arts, Legal Studies, and Medical Technology engage students in curriculum relevant to their lives.  These experiences allow them to be college and career ready.
* Our various partnerships allow us to engage the community in the educational journey of the school.  These partnerships enhance our curriculum.  Our authentic relationships provide support for families in our community, allowing the school to become a core feature of the community it serves.
* The Advisory program supports the growth of our students.  The Advisors serve as student-advocates and family liaisons. Through Advisory, students take responsibility for their own learning and personal growth

We believe that students, when given an opportunity to engage in learning that is relevant to their lives, will result in success, and college and career readiness.  With ISA we have embraced seven principles that will shape the journey of our school community: College Preparatory Instructional Program; Distributed Counseling; Dedicated team of teachers and counselor: Professional Development: Extended School Day: Parent Involvement : Continuous improvement.  Teachers will facilitate inquiry-based student centered classroom learning.  Student assignments will demonstrate higher-order thinking and they will be outcome based.  Students will demonstrate mastery through culminating performance based assessments. Our  students will engage in four years of study in all of the core content areas. 

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