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Our Mission

Our mission is to produce young adults, who are happy, well adjusted and academically well prepared to face the challenges of the future and to contribute significantly to societal progress. The highlight of our strong instructional program is our interdisciplinary approach to teaching English and Social Studies as well as Math and Science within a guidance-oriented house structure as it encourages success in our ninth graders. The school's slogan, "Diversity is our strength" is derived from our multicultural population and promotes a learning environment based on self-discipline and mutual respect for all people. It is our goal to develop in each student a curiosity for continued learning throughout life.

Special Programs

We offer advanced placement classes in Math, English, Foreign Language, History & Government; Programs in Travel & Tourism, Humanities, Regents Arts, College Now, Science Research, Virtual Enterprise Liberty Partnership; and affiliation with the Queens District Attorney's Office.

Extracurricular Activities

Clubs: Peace, Key, Art, Travel and Tourism, Step, Sports, Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Arista, Yearbook, Chess, Ceramics, Fashion & Talent Show, Sports Night, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Mock Trial, Spring Art/Music Festival, Violins for Peace Program. 

Our Community

Partnerships included American Express, 92nd Street YMHA, St. John's University, York College, the Kiwanis Club, and South Asian Youth Association.

Our History

Richmond Hill High School was founded in 1897 in the country setting of Richmond Hill. The tower room of the village's Johnson Avenue Elementary School (now P.S. 51) was its first residence.

The opening of the main high school building took place in April, 1899. A domed astronomical observatory, complete with a six thousand dollar telescope, enhanced the new building. Issac Newton Failor, a mathematician and astronomer, became the first principal.

At first, it was thought that the building was too large. However by 1923, the increased student population necessitated a larger school. The new building, our present one, opened in February, 1929. The library was dedicated to the first principal, Dr. Failor.

The first school publication, Dome, was started in 1900. When in 1941 a separate yearbook, Archway, was added, Dome became the school literary magazine. Beginning in 1923, the school newspaper, Domino (Latin for "little dome") became part of the school's publications.

On many of the school publications, you see a lion, the school mascot. Many decorations in the school reflect the school colors burgundy and silver. The curtains in the auditorium are burgundy.

Today approximately 3000 students attend our school. Our diversified population of students from over 99 countries creates a unique educational opportunity where students can learn from one another.

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