Academic Programs

The primary purpose of school is to enable learning. It involves the development of thinking skills that have life-long applications and requires that each student stretches towards his or her full intellectual potential. To achieve this, our school provides a rich and invigorating academic college preparatory program focused around career-based themes that are interdisciplinary, interactive and project-oriented in the areas of construction trades, engineering and architecture.

In their freshman year, all students will take a survey course that enables them to explore the fundamental concepts and skills in each of the school’s three major themes. Topics include:


Ø      Safety

Ø      Construction Mathematics

Ø      Introduction to Hand Tools, Power Tools, and Blueprints

Ø      Introduction to Architecture and Design

Ø      Architecture: How Buildings Work

Ø      Scale and Measurement in Architecture

Ø      Landscape Architecture

Ø      Principles of Engineering

Ø      Engineering Design

Ø      Paper Engineering


Additionally, all students will develop computer skills leading to mastery of:


Ø      Microsoft Office Suite

Ø      IC3 (Internet and Computing Core Certification).



Subject courses Credits
English 8 8
Mathematics 6 6
Science 6 6
Health 1 1
The Arts 2 2
Languages Other Than English 2 2
Physical education 7 4
Career/Technology 10-14 12-17
Electives 3-5 3-5


In their sophomore, junior and senior years, students will select a specific course of study in either engineering, architecture, or construction trades, and explore this area in greater depth.

Homework is an integral part of the instructional program and is a significant link between school and home. The purpose of homework it to strengthen class work, to broaden a student’s competency in a specific course or skill, to reinforce the day’s lesson and prepare for a future lesson.

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