Policies & Regulations

                                Individual Student Goal Setting

Every student will work with their teacher to establish individual goals for reading, Writing, Science Social Studies, and Mathematics each month. They will also identify how they are going to achieve their individual goals. These goals will appear on their progress reports and discussed at parent teacher conferences. Please discuss these goals with your child and help your child monitor his/her progress in reaching his\her goals.

                                The P.S. 40 “Golden” Rules

The PS 40 “Golden” Rules are a set of uniform rules throughout every classroom, hallway, assembly and lunchroom. These are rules for the school. The PS 40 “Golden” Rules are representatives of the laws within society we must follow. There are consequences for breaking any of the PS 40 “Golden” Rules.

  1. Attend school daily and on time.
  2. Wear the school uniform daily. Hats are only to be worn outside of the building.
  3. Respect yourself, teachers, peers, and the school building.
  4. Learn to disagree without engaging in physical or verbal altercations. 
  5. Be prepared to learn daily, with notebooks, pencils, pens, and assignments.
  6. Complete all homework nightly.
  8. All students must know their content area goals, and have a plan to achieve them.
  9. No glass bottles are permitted in the school building.
  10. Use appropriate language at all times. No cursing.