School Nurse

 By: Yaasmyn M. and Yasmin P.                                    

Q: What is an RN?
A: Registered Nurse

Q: Are you an RN?
A: Yes

Q: Do you like your job?
A: Oh I love my job! My job is very rewarding.

Q: About how many kids do you see per day?
A: On a daily basis it ranges from say…15-25.

Q: Do kids come to you just to get out of class?
A: No, because every complaint is important.

Q: What was a student’s worst injury that you had to take care of?
A: When a student punctured their cheek on a fence. There was a lot of bleeding.

Q: Do teachers have to go to the nurse?
A: No. Teachers are not my responsibility, the students are.

Q: What types of injuries do you get per day?
A: Injuries can vary from simple first aid to life threatening cases.

Q: Why did you want to become a school nurse?
A: First, because I have a school aged child. Then, I realized the great difference a school nurse makes in the daily lives of children. So, I decided to remain a school nurse.

Q: Was being a school nurse your first job option?
A: No. My first option was medical/surgical departments.

Q: How do you feel about working in a non health care setting?
A: There are a lot of advantages such as case finding, referrals, off cases to specialties so that students can get the adequate treatment before long term, irreversible, life threatening conditions arise. School nurses make a great impact in the achievements of children and intervene before health conditions become chronic.

Q: When do you plan to retire?
A: Maybe in 20 years.

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