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2010- 2011 Schoolwide Spelling Bee winners!!!
Marc E. - First Place
Rufaro C. - Second Place
Jahera B. - Third Place

I am excited about winning the spelling bee because this is my first spelling bee and I won it on my first try. I can’t stop smiling. This is just a great experience for me. In preparation for this event, I studied with my friends and my family and sometimes I would study by myself. I thought I was going to mess up because all of the pressure was coming to me and the tension was all over the air. I was relieved whenever I spelled a word right. When they asked me a word, I imagined the word in my head and I listened to where the vowels were so I would not say the wrong letter. I was glad that everyone was cheering for me when I won. It felt like I was the best.

By: Marc E.

 I am Jahera B.  I was in third place in the 2011 PS40 Samuel Huntington School Spelling Bee.  This was a success to me because I thought I would not have won.  The three winners will be representing Samuel Huntington PS40 School.  I will do the best I can to make our school win.  This trophy means a lot to me because it makes my family happy.  Most of all it makes me happy.  Wish me the best of luck.  Last year I only got a certificate.  My family and I were happy about it though.  That's why I love them.
Jahera B., 5-503
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