Monthly Curriculum  Outline

 May  2011
 Grade  Reading  Writing  Mathematics Multicultural   Science
 Pre-K  Little by Little  Little by Little Comparing, Numbers,
Timeline Past, Present, & Future  Growing Things
 K Red, White, & Blue Red, White, & Blue  Place Value, Name Collection  Our Neighborhood  Land & Water, Animals
 1  What's the Weather? What's the Weather? Coin Combinations, Time, Patterns, Shapes Citizenship, Laws,
Elected Officials 
 Wax Worms
 2 Look Again  Look Again  Comparing Fractions, Solving Fractions, Stories The Government Branches  Plant Diversity 
3 Mysteries Mysteries Mean, Median, Mode, Interpret Data South America Plant & Animal Adaptation
4 Mysteries Mysteries Polygons, Weight, Volume, & Capacity American Revolution in New York Life Cycles, Test Prep.
5 Memoirs Memoirs Fraction of a Whole, Coordinate Grids, Area, & Volume Principals of Constitutional Democracy Exploring Ecosystems
6 Memoirs Memoirs Equations, Data, & Probability Greece Interactions of Life
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