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At our school all students will be given the opportunity and guidance to achieve their maximum potential. 


Working collaboratively, teachers, administration and staff members will provide a safe environment and quality education for all our students. 


Academic excellence and high standards are the goals for every student.

PS 139 Goals for SY 2014-2015

In order to ensure that students have access to a robust

curriculum, we will plan for instruction with a focus on

alignment to student data and coherence across the grades.

We will adjust instruction matching the complexity of the

Common Core Learning Standards.

Teacher Teams will analyze and revise assignments and

assessments to increase cognitive challenge aligned to the

Common Core Learning Standards. We will develop learning

opportunities that challenge students to perform at deeper


We will deepen school tone, student-school attachment by

engaging teacher voice, parent voice, and student voice in

decision-making to guide and lead school improvement


We will strengthen family engagement in a full partnership in

the learning and development of children. We will increase the

number of contacts with families in order to advance student


School Leaders will use evidence based systems to monitor

and improve individual and school wide practices on

achievement, teacher practices, curriculum, family

engagement, and student social/emotional factors.

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