Halsey History

    Our school is named for Stephen A. Halsey who was an outstanding philanthropist and civic leader of the Borough of Queens. He was born in New York City in 1798 and died in 1875.

    On his daily steamboat trips from his home in Flushing to his business in New York, he was so impressed by the beauty of Hallett's Cove that he decided to buy the surrounding land and move there. This area was later called Astoria.

    Besides being a very generous and charitable man, Mr. Halsey was also a public-spirited citizen. He has been called the “father of Astoria” because of the time, money, and energy that he gave to the work of public improvement.

    Stephen A. Halsey Junior High school opened in September 1948, with classes in grades from kindergarten through the eighth grade. In September 1952, the elementary grades were transferred to their new school and Halsey became a junior high school. In September 1993, the sixth grade became a part of our school again.

    Halsey has served the Rego Park-Forest Hills community with distinction and honors for the last 50 years.