Cell Phones and Beepers

Chancellor’s Regulation A-412

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A. Submission of Requests

1. Students may be granted permission to bring a cell phone into a school building for medical reasons.

2. In order to obtain a medical exemption, a parent must complete and sign a form containing the following information to be provided by a physician;


A description of the student’s medical condition;

An explanation of why the student needs to be accommodated with an

exemption to the cell phone ban;

The length of the accommodation; and

The physician’s signature (see attached form).

3. Principals will approve such requests except where a form is incomplete or appears to be falsified.

4. Requests for exemption must be submitted on an annual basis.

B. Conditions for Use of Cell Phones

1. Students will be given a special pass once the request is approved. This pass must be displayed when the student enters the school building.

2. Students who are granted an exemption are permitted to bring their cell phones

into their school building. However, this exemption does not permit a student to use or carry the cell phone while in school.

3. The cell phone must be turned off and surrendered to school officials upon entrance into the building and returned upon the student’s departure from the school.

4. School officials must voucher and store cell phones in a secure location.

5. If the cell phone is used or activated in school, the student may be subject to

disciplinary measures as indicated in the NYC Discipline Code.

C. Data Collection

All requests for medical exemptions must be entered into ATS;

Principals must enter whether a cell phone exemption request has been granted or denied;

Principals must also maintain a list of students who have been granted exemptions.

D. Confidentiality

Medical information obtained in connection with cell phone exemption requests must be treated with appropriate confidentiality by school personnel.


Students with an IEP or 504 accommodation that provides for medically related services and who are seeking a medical exemption must follow these procedures and submit the required documentation.
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