A Message From Our Art Teacher

Fourth and Fifth Grade students are working on a still-life project. We looked at still-life paintings by many artists, including Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. The students are choosing whether to work in a realistic or abstract style. They are also learning how to create space with a foreground, middle-ground and background in a still life painting. They are learning how to mix colors and will paint their still life with related colors, or colors that are close together on the color wheel.

Third Graders are painting cityscapes. They are learning how to mix tints and shades for light and dark colors. They will  make a cityscape painting that shows season, weather and time of day.

First and Second grade students have been learning how to mix primary colors to make secondary colors, and how to make tints and shades. They are working on paintings of gardens and paintings that show stormy weather.
Kindergarten students have been learning about the color wheel. They are also learning how to mix the primary colors into secondary colors, and how to use black and whites to make tints and shades. We are now doing painting to use what they have learned. 

I would like to thank the Parents Association for their $100 donation.

L. Rovinsky
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