A Message From Our Art Teacher

Kindergarten students have been learning about primary and secondary colors. They have been mixing colors and making paintings about color. The kindergarten students have also been making collages of people and animals.

First and Second Grade students have been learning how to make a print from a collage. This is a fun activity which requires simple materials. If you place a thin piece of paper over a raised surface, and rub the paper with the side of a crayon, you can make a copy of the surface. Each student made a collage of cut paper. Then, we made rubbings of the collage. We painted some of the resulting prints with watercolor paint.

The Third Grade has been mixing colors with black and white. They are making paintings of the city that show how weather, season and time of day affect the color and light of the city.

Fourth and Fifth Grade students have been learning how to construct a still-life drawing with a foreground, middleground and background. They have been mixing colors that are close together or are related on the color wheel. They have been mixing white and black paint into the colors to make tints and shades. The students use the mixed colors, tints and shades to paint their still life drawing. 

L. Rovinsky
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