A message from our Science Teacher.

Winter is here and the students in the science lab are just warming up!

Grade five is completing a unit on earth science. They created their own models of sedimentary rocks using sand, water, and glue. They will be completing a report on one of Earth’s extreme natural events such as: earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes. A new unit about health and nutrition will be coming next.

Grade four has started to explore electricity and magnetism as they prepare for the fourth grade state science test. Each student completed a report or poster on ecosystems and they were all beautiful!

Grade three is investigating the many different forms of energy. They created electrical circuits and they will make maracas out of cups, dried beans, and rice in order to learn about how sounds are made.

Grade two has begun a unit on force and motion. They have learned that a force can make objects move, change the direction of movement, or stop movement all together.

I look forward to working with each grade during the cold winter months.

Keep your eyes out for baby chicks at the end of January!
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