A message from our science teacher.

Hello from the science lab! The first few months of school have been fun and exciting. All of the grades have been working hard to improve their science skills.

Grades 2 and 5 have been studying earth science. The second graders have observed rock and soil samples in order to understand what the surface of the Earth is like. Grade five has classified minerals and rocks based on similar characteristics. They have even made their own models of sedimentary rocks.

Grade 3 began the year with a unit on matter. They have used many scientific tools in order to measure liquids, solids, and gases in different ways. Some of the tools they have practiced with are: rulers, meter tapes, beakers, thermometers and pan balances. A unit on different types of energy will be next.

Grade 4 is finishing a unit on life science and will begin a unit on electricity and magnetism at the end of November. Each student has studied plant parts, life cycles, food chains, and ecosystems. They have also been completing science homework each week in order to prepare for the fourth grade state science test.

Some science skills the children can practice at home are:

Making observations (look at objects and describe them using your senses)

Classifying objects (Make groups based on similar characteristics)

Creating models (Build a small sample of something found in nature)

Using different forms of measurement (Practice using measuring cups and rulers)

Making predictions and drawing conclusions (Write predictions about the weather for a certain month or how the trees will look in different seasons)


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