Chancellor’s A-750 Child Abuse Prevention Regulations

Dear Parents:

            Please be advised that we had a parent workshop that was scheduled on Friday December 4th, 2009 at 8:30 am, to explain and discuss the Chancellor’s Regulation

A-750 on Child Abuse Prevention.


            We are providing to you the website information for your convenience and for your personal viewing.  The website is:

1) and

2)      Type on the search engine: Chancellor’s A-750 Child Abuse Prevention Regulations.


            Should you need a hard copy or any other information please call our Parent Coordinator Ms. Sternberg at (718) 897-8600 ext. 1031, Guidance Counselor ext. 1074 or Social Worker Ms. Dueno at ext. 1030.


            Thank you for your time and we hope that this information will be helpful.


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