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  The Green Magnet School for
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Thursday, August 28, 2014
Wipe Test Results - 5/9/13

From the Desk of Patrick M. Burns, Principal 
Letter to Parents
Fall 2012  

Dear Parents and Students

On behalf of our school staff I would like to welcome you back from the summer break.  We hope you had a restful vacation and are now ready and energized to seize the outstanding opportunities of the 2012-2013 school year.  We hope you will join us on September 27th from 6:00 to 7:30 PM for our Back to School Night.  During that evening we will discuss our school goals for the year, the meaningful Common Core curriculum your child will be engaged in, and the assessments we will use to measure your child’s progress.  In addition, we will discuss the social and academic services we have in place to support all of the members of our learning community both in and out of school.  It promises to be a very informative evening. 

Our goals for the school year 2012-2013:

1)      Developing community members that respect and understand their individual responsibility to the growth and success of our community.

2)      Continue to develop collaborative opportunities between parents, students, and teachers thereby improving communication among all constituents.  We encourage the members of our learning community to access school information on our web site http://28q217.nycdoe.org/

3)      Reflect on the academic and social progress of each student and revise our strategies when necessary.  We encourage parents to visit ARIS Parent link at https://arisparentlink.org/parentlink

4)      Collect and analyze student data to set learning targets for all students in all subject areas.   

5)      Implement a school-wide instructional observation format consistent with the Danielson’s Framework for Effective Teaching, and aligned to the Chancellor’s expectation for teaching and learning.

6)      Address the 2011-2012 Learning Environment Survey (LES) responses, specifically; safety, communication, and respect.  We attained positive increases in all LES areas but will continue to strive for even better results and community satisfaction.

7)      Full integration of the Common Core Standards units developed for teachers by for teachers utilizing Understanding by Design as one format for unit authoring.

8)      Further develop the talents of our students by collaborating with community organizations such as St. John’s University, Queens Community House, the Brairwood Association, the Museum of Natural History, the NYC Hall of Science, Queens Museum of Art, City Lore, Teaching Matters, Urban Advantage, and the NYCDOE iLearn initiative.

9)      Provide all students individual access to computer devices in all core subject areas thereby meeting our vision of the iLearn program and more importantly developing the 21st Century skills required for success in our ever challenging global economy.

Our expectations for success remain increasingly high.  Our NYS exam scores in ELA are up 5% from last year.  In addition, our NYS math results increased 3% from the previous year.   All students that were administered the grade 8 Integrated Algebra exam in June of last year achieved a passing score resulting in High School credit.  We had a similar success rate on the June Living Environment Regents exam.  We successfully hosted family subject night events in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Students participated in the Young Debaters program at CUNY Law School.  And, we celebrated with two student performances in our school auditorium to name a few of our many successes. 

Yet with all of our progress we will continue to push to achieve greater heights.  We will focus on addressing your concerns outlined in our 2011-2012 Learning Environment Survey, as well as suggestions from our NYS Quality Review.  We will specifically address your request to improve the vital lines of communication between our school and your household.  Teachers will continue the posting of all homework assignments, and upcoming event information on our school web site (28q217.nycdoe.org). Parents can also utilize the web site to email their child’s teachers.  In addition to our web site, we have increased the number of Parent-Teacher conferences we will hold throughout the year from the standard two to three (November, February, April).  We are very excited about the additional third conference and are sure it will have a positive impact on building the vital line of communication between the household and school.  Last, we will backpack and/or mail home with your child a school monthly newsletter during the first week of every month. 

In our effort to focus on the progress of our students we will utilize a grading policy where students will be graded on the satisfactory completion of homework assignments, class participation, teacher assigned projects, evidence of satisfactory class work, and their performance on subject exams.  School-wide exams will be administered every 6-8 weeks to determine the progress of our school, as well as the progress of individual students.  Additional academic services will be provided for those students not meeting the targets set by their teachers.  Last, NYS exams will be conducted in the Spring and will be used as a very important factor in the promotion of all students.

Our teachers have reviewed various sources of data on each of our students and they are setting individual learning goals for all.  Parents now have access to their child’s attendance and academic data through the ARIS Parent link https://arisparentlink.org/parentlink .  In addition, parents will be receiving individual accounts to view their child’s subject progress, daily attendance, and behavior performance through a web based platform titled Skedula.  As our year moves forward our teachers will work with you, your child, and your child’s support team (teachers, guidance counselor, dean, and assistant principal) to reflect on your child’s progress and make the necessary adjustments.  Teachers will utilize our Common Core developed curriculum units of study, Smart Boards, projectors, and the internet to engage your child and to develop the necessary differentiated skills vital to your child’s future professional success.

In an effort to fully support while at the same time provide every opportunity for our students we will continue to review and when necessary revise with parents the Individualized Educational Plans for our students with special needs.  Please be certain we are committed to the needs of every child. Students in special education classes will follow the same curriculum as students in general education classes with additional supports and resources built in the lesson to strengthen their understanding of concepts and to help them better apply the skills they have learned.

We are determined to meet the goals we have set for both our school and each individual student.  We will work together as a community, and we will be successful.

Patrick M. Bunrs