Today’s Learner Is Tomorrow’s Leader

Mabel Sarduy, Superintendent District 28

Marlene Wilks, Network 209 Leader

Josette Pizarro, Principal

Hope Monnes, Assistant Principal  
Heather Lorenz, Assistant Principal

Ms. Galanty, Payroll Secretary 
Ms. Keeves, Pupil Personnel Secretary

Zoraya Torres, Parent Coordinator

Ms. Rahim, Business Manager
(Mondays and Thursdays) 


Monday - Friday  8:20am-2:40pm

***Please be sure to check your child's book bag daily for any important notices and information

***In the event of inclement weather, call 311 to find out about school closings and/or delays

Families can apply for PreK for the 2015-2016 school year until April 24 (for students born in 2011) at nyc.gov/prek 


4/20 NYS ELA Make Up Exam Day 2

4/21 NYS ELA Make Up Exam Day 3

4/21 P.A. Meeting

4/22 NYS Math Exam Day 1

4/22 Gifted and Talented Open House 9am and 5pm

4/23 NYS Math Exam Day 2

4/23 PreK Non-Attendance Day

4/24 NYS Math Exam Day 3

4/25 Title III Saturday Program for Grades 3, 4, and 5

4/27 NYS Math Make Up Exam Day 1

 4/27 Queens College Trip for Grade 1 with Ms. Goldstein

4/28 NYS Math Make Up Exam Day 2

4/29 NYS Math Make Up Exam Day 3

4/29 PreK (AM & PM) Trip to TD Bank

4/30 PreK (Full Day) Trip to TD Bank

All visitors to the building MUST have a PHOTO ID to show to the School Safety Agent before coming into the building.

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