P233Q@CTEA- Student Elections

On November 19, 2013 an election was held at P233Q @ CTEA for student council President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Students prepared speeches for the positions they wanted to run for.  Students presented their speeches to the entire site in the morning, and this was followed by student voting. 

The student council members will be meeting with Mrs. Wachler once a month for Government Club.  Also sitting in on these meetings will be Destiny and Branden, whom although did not win a position, came in very close.

Branden reciting his speech to his classmates.

Vote fort Destiny! Destiny was very adamant about her beliefs to help her classmates and school.

Paul, with the help of his campaign director Sadiah, spoke about how he can help make the school a better place.

Ramon used a communication device, with the help of his classmate Paul, that included a pre-recorded speech.

The ballot that was used for students to vote.

And the winners are....
President: Melissa
Vice President- Nazir
Secretary: Mohammed
Treasurer: Vadie