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P233Q @ C.T.E.A.



Kathy Sanchez, Assistant Principal
94-06 104 Street
Ozone Park, NY 14416
Tel:     (718)805-0724
Fax:    (718)805-0726

P233Q @ C.T.E.A.  is a high school site serving students ages 14.9-21 in 12:1:4, 6:1:1 and 12:1:1 classes.  In addition there is one inclusion class which provides students an opportunity to attend high school classes on a full time basis. The school is located in Ozone Park, Queens.  The emphasis is on communication, life and social skills.  TEACCH Methodologies are employed which helps to structure the physical organization of the classroom, daily schedules for the students, work systems and visual structure.  The school incorporates the community as an area of instruction.  The curriculum reflects the New York State learning standards in the academic areas:  Math, Science, English, Language Arts and Social Studies.  Power of Choice (a character education curriculum aimed at empowering our students to make good choices) is the cornerstone of the site’s behavior program.  Students are given the opportunity to participate in job experiences. 

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