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Transition Coordinator


The term transition refers to the planning and services that are needed and mandated by Federal law to prepare youth with disabilities to move smoothly from school to adult living. 

This process includes instruction, community learning experiences, and other support services that will enable these young adults to develop skills, knowledge and abilities to address post-school living, learning or working needs. It may also include assistance in making applications prior to leaving school for services from community agencies such as those assisting with day habilitation programs and supported employment programs.

The transition process is a set of coordinated activities that are designed to help your son/daughter move smoothly from school to adult life.  This process formally begins when your child reaches 14 years of age.

Transition planning is a part of the Individualized Education Program (IEP), and will be reviewed each year.  The Transition Process focuses on your daughter/son’s dreams and aspirations by using Person Centered Planning techniques.  He or she should always be invited along with you to these annual meetings.  All interested people and agency representatives should be invited to take part in these planning sessions.  Early planning is important in getting students into the right programs.

 Transition Timeliness of School to Adult Services

n     Age 14 – 16 – Community and Career Exploration

n     Age 16 – 18 – Benefit Applications (if applicable)

n     Age 18 – 21 – Visit and Select Program

n     Age 21+ - Begin OMRDD or other Program

For information on Transition and important organizations, please click on the links below.

Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID) 

Queens Council on Develomental Disabilities (QCDD)  http://www.qcdd.org/

New York State Office of Mental Retardation & Develomental Disabilities (OMRDD) http://www.omr.state.ny.us/

Social Security Administration (SSA) http://www.ssa.gov/

New York Lawyers For The Public Interest (NYLPI)  http://www.nylpi.org/

Selective Services System (SSS) http:///www.sss.gov/

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