Transition Newsletter-Volume III

 P.233Q Transition Newsletter            Volume III

Transition “a change or passing from one condition, place, thing, activity, topic”   

            On February 2, 2011, the Transition coordinator conducted a parent workshop regarding guardianship. It was explained to the audience that guardianship concerns arise when individuals who are developmentally disabled and unable to make their own decisions require a guardians intervention.  Under Article 17A / surrogate Court Procedure, the parent or another concerned party may petition the surrogate court to be appointed to control the assets of the individual.  Parents were assisted with the filling out of the forms for guardianship at the meeting.

            On March 30th the annual Resource Fair was held at Frances Lewis H.S. P.233Q collaborated in the planning along with P.177Q, P.811Q, P.255Q other District 75 schools to provide parents and guardians a wealth of resource materials and agency representatives for parents to meet and greet in an effort to find various support services and potential over 21 programs for their youngsters.  Seven P.233Q families took advantage of the fair and the resources provided.  We are confident that number will increase in the 2011-2012 school year.

            On June 10th, P.233Q will host the 4th Annual End of Year Work Study Recognition breakfast.  Businesses and agencies that have supported our students by allowing them to work and learn in their stores and facilities will be honored by having students share their work-study experiences and present the business and representative with plaques’.

            The school year is moving by quickly and our students are rising to meet their challenges by making progress in mastering their IEP goals as they pertain to Transition.

            Metro Campus student Xavier is now working 2 days a week as a custodial intern at P.S. 134Q and has been recommended for gainful employment as a NYC DOE Custodial Helper.

            Our school did very well on the Quality Review conducted in March 2011.  In part the efforts of school staff, parents and students were favorably reviewed in the area of Transition.

            As addressed in the prior Transition Newsletter, our school has been participatory on the “Urban Innovators” program.  A focus of the program is to improve the student centered model of transition service from school to post school life. Consider logging on to the website: to read more about the program.  You will be pleasantly surprised to see how P.233Q is being represented in the Urban Innovations program.

            If you own a business or know someone who does that has a vocational need that needs to be filled, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, the school Transition Coordinator. Job Developer, Ms. Gaynor.  P.233Q has a diverse pool of talent seeking employment.

            It cannot be overemphasized, the need and benefit to think about and plan for post school life for your child / our students, earlier, rather than later, commencing at the middle school level and continuing throughout the youngster’s school experience.

            As Transition Linkage Coordinator I remain committed to working with you the parent, school staff and outside agencies to: create, support / expand in house vocational experiences, seek and grow community experiences, link families and agencies early on to facilitate the transition to post school life.

            Graduation is scheduled for June 17th, 2011. P.233Q staff will acknowledge and congratulate those students’ who have reached this important milestone in their lives.  The transition to post school life into gainful or supported employment, at whatever level they may be able does not happen in isolation or overnight., it is a methodical plan executed in progressive steps commencing at age 12 years old.

            Thank you to those parents who have been involved in the planning for their youngster’s transition and allowing the P.233Q to be a part of the process.  The staff are encouraged that more parents will get involved in the future



Pam Gaynor

Transition Linkage Coordinator