What's New at Public School 52 Queens?

Events in our school:

Welcome back to school night! Thank you to all of the parents, teachers, and students who attended. It was great to see everyone again. So many wonderful people came out. Let's keep up the great work. Together we can make a difference!

Character Day: October 31st, 2012
All students (and staff) are encouraged to come to school dressed as their favorite book character: Amazing Grace, Olivia, Harry Potter, Cinderella, Nate the Great, even Moody Judy! Also join us for our Character Day parade as we celebrate the fun in reading. Take a look at our photo album and see if you can recognize any characters from our previous years.

November 2012
Classroom elections will be held on Wednesday, November 21st. School wide elections will follow. Let's campaign and vote for our school leaders!

Parent-Teacher Conferences:
Our students have made personal learning goals and are working steadfastly to meet those goals. Parent-Teacher afternoon and evening is a wonderful opportunity to come into the classroom and see the hard work that is taking place and the progress being made by our students towards meeting their personal goals.
Thanksgiving Classroom Feasts: To be determined by each classroom teacher.
We're happy to celebrate, share (and eat!) delicious and nutritious foods as we give thanks for the many privileges we have been given. Please look for grade-level and or teacher notices to advise when classroom feasts will be scheduled. This is always a really fun and festive time in school!   

Thanksgiving Recess: November 22nd and November 23rd. 

Veteran's Day: November 12th, 2012 (School's closed)
Thank you to all of our protectors in the U.S. Military for your service to our country. We salute you, honour you, and remember you.


Winter Recess: December 24th, 2012 to January 1st, 2013
Enjoy the winter recess! Many wishes for a wonderful and prosperous new year.

Students return to school on January 2nd.

Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial: January 21st (School's closed) 


Oratorical Contest: January 2013
Elected representatives from each classroom will gather and deliver a "powerful" speak in the tradition of the great orators in the past. We have a stage. We have a microphone. We have a message! Let's hear what our students have to say.

Mid-Winter Recess: February 18th to February 22nd, 2013
Enjoy the mid-winter recess, but remember that the 2013 Science Fair is coming soon. Students should work on projects and get them presentation-ready for the PS52 Q Science and Technology Fair.

Dr. Seuss' Birthday: March 3rd 

Spring Recess: March 25th through April 2nd. Many wishes for a wonderful new spring season. 

ELA NY State Assessment: Grades 3-5
Tuesday, April 16th
Wednesday, April 17th
Thursday, April 18th 

Mathematics NY State Assessment: Grades 3-5

Wednesday, April 24th
Thursday, April 25th
Friday, April 26th

Earth Day/Kite day celebrations: 
Career day: 
Science and Technology Fair:
May Day celebration: 

Honor Roll: Grades 1 and 2 
NY State  Science Assessment: Grades 4 
Honor Roll: Grade 5 
Memorial Day: May 27th, 2013. Thank you to all of our protectors in the U.S. Military for your service to our country. We salute you, honour you, and remember you.

Honor Roll: Grades 3 and 4
NY State  Science Assessment: June 3rd, Grade 4 
School Barbecue: TBA

Graduation Commencement Ceremonies: 
Grade 5 - TBA

Moving Up Ceremony
Pre-K and K - TBA

Wednesday June 26th will be the last day of school. Have a wonderful summer! We'll see you in September.