Extracurricular Activties

District 29 Basketball Program

PS 176 Basketball Team is part of the District 29 Basketball Program. Students in fourth- and fifth-grade are eligible to try out for the team. The team meets weekly for practice and competes against other elementary schools in District 29. Last year (2012-2013 school year), our basketball team made it the district finals.

Performance Arts Program

The PS 176 Performance Arts Program is a multi-faceted program that is based on the Department of Education Learning Through The Arts blueprint. The program encompasses:

PS 176 Chorus

The PS 176 Chorus is comprised of a group of talented, energetic and enthusiastic third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students. The children are taught and encouraged to express themselves through song. Over 90 voices are blended together to make the PS 176 Chorus a powerful musical unit.  

Early Childhood Choral

The Early Childhood Choral will be introduced in the spring of 2014. Students from grades K-2 will participate in the group. More information will follow once the program has begun.

Boys Chorus

The PS 176 Boys Chorus is comprised of fourth- and fifth-grade boys. The Boys Chorus’ goals are to establish self-esteem,develop vocal ability, develop a community amongst the boys, and develop of a love of singing.

Dance Ensemble/ Dance Club

The PS 176 Dance Ensemble/ Dance club is comprised of children in grades K-5.

By exploring, creating, replicating and observing dance, students build their technical and expressive skills,develop their artistry and a unique personal voice in dance and experience the power of dance to communicate.

Students develop a working knowledge of dance language and aesthetics, and apply it to analyzing,evaluating, documenting, creating and performing dance.

The students make connections by investigating historical, social and cultural contexts, and by exploring common themes and principles connecting dance with other disciples, students enrich their creative work and understand the significance of dance in the evolution of human though and expression.

Art Club

The Art Club at PS 176 works to develop students’ artistic abilities. The students work throughout the school year on special art projects, such as murals, sculptures and art contests. Currently in the 2013-2014 the Art Club worked on an entry for the 2013 Milk Carton Construction Contest (www.madebymilkcontest.com)and created a sculpture out of 475 milk cartons collected from the cafeteria.  

Student Government

The student council is a student-elected body that governs the school and takes care of the welfare of the students. A student council is made up of student leaders who are given an opportunity to voice their opinions and share their ideas or concern in issues that affect their school and community.

Student councils afford young minds the ability to plan, organize, and execute endeavors that will be beneficial to the entire student body, as well as specific members of their community.


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