The Cambria Heights School, P.S. 176Q is committed to building a community of lifelong learners who will be endowed with the knowledge, skill,attitudes and quality of character necessary to be successful, contributing members of this changing global society.

        Our students will be guided to set goals for reaching their highest potential.  They will receive qualitystandards based instruction that will maximize the development of theirabilities, skills and talents.  They will be expected to develop proficiency in the core curriculum areas, Reading, Math,Science and Social Studies to meet and exceed the NYS and NYC Standards.

        The school’s curriculum and classroom instruction will engage our students in rigorous application of skills and strategies.   Students will develop the skill of using evidence to support arguments in discussion, which will then transfer to stronger writing in literacy and math, and develop the communication and collaboration skills that support college and career readiness.   The Projects Approach, will be utilized to make classroom instruction adaptive to reflect a range from Exceptionally Gifted Children, Academically Gifted and Talented, General Education, Special Education, ELL students, Students in Temporary Housing and students who are emotionally and academically “At Risk.”

         The P.S. 176 Queens educators, support staff, parents and other community members are expected to work in collaboration with one another to convey high expectations for each and every child; to nurture our students with love, respect and encouragement in order to achieve their maximum potential;and to create a safe, secure, healthy, warm and welcoming environment.  These proven practices will lead us to the realization of our vision/ mission and goals toward a successful learning community.

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