PS 176Q Organization Sheet

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                                 Our Staff
Our staff is comprised of highly qualified, dedicated and hardworking professionals. Our goal is to educate children in a manner for which they will be able to achieve their dreams in life. Our dedicated staff believes in working closely with parents in order to accomplish this successsfully.


    The Cambria Heights School

    Public School 176 Queens

    Committed to Building a Community of Life Long Learners

    Main Building                                                Annex @ IS 59Q

    120-45 235 Street                                           132-55 Ridgedale Street

    Cambria Heights, NY 11411                         Springfield Gardens, NY 11413

    P: 718-525-4057                                              P: 718-949-4625
    F: 718-276- 3458                                             F: 718-949-4629  
    ORGANIZATION 2013-2014

    Class     Teacher                                  Paraprofessionals

    PreK    Sally Burstein                             Ila Pijush - PreK

                                                                 Deanna Adison - Float

    K011   Sheryl Moses                              Secretaries

    K012   Hazel Noble                                Norma Clarke, Pupil Accounting

    K013   Afiya Timmons                             Stephanie Gibson, Payroll

    K021   Dawn Franco                              School Nurse: Rita Moore

                                                                Guidance Counselor:  Margaret Lashley
    101     Peter Morace                             

    102     Delta Seaborn                             Parent Coordinator:  Joyce Barksdale

    103     Donna Libert-Young                    

    121     Jennifer Hanley                           ICT/RTI:   Annette Burke @ Q059

    122     Wendy Browne                            ICT/RTI:   Ginette Charles  
                                                                 ICT/RTI:   Melissa Chouhan

    201     Debra Warshaw                           RTI:  Kyra Etheridge @ Q059

    202     Christopher Czyscon                   SETTS:  Desiree Carrington

        Mallary Bieler                              SETTS:  Joanne Fazziola

    221     Mark Coccarelli                           Speech:  Eileen Podberesky

    222     Valerie Coward-Vaughn               SBST Room B21, Ext 5211/5212

    301    Marci McAdoo                             Larry Needle, Psychologist Mon/Fri

    302     Rochelle Robertson                    Donna Pomeranz, Social Worker

    303     Caroline Whittaker                       Morgana Hammonds, Family Worker

    321     Janett McFarlane                         School Aides

                                                                Jacqueline Bartlett-Bevelle @ Q059

    401    Q059  Aurelia Miller                      Sandra Cox

    402    Q059 Antoinette Golding               Geraldine Evans           

    403    Q059 Jaime Spearman                 Bibi Kadir

    421     Linda Sabrin                                Henri LeRouge

    422     Steven Vitolano                           Ruby Mebane 
                                                                 Sarah Mundy

    501    Q059     Georgia Grange               Norma Ramos

    502    Q059     Tracey Alexander             Sabrina Wright @ Q059             

    503    Q059     Allicha Stanley-Powell                                         

    521     Q059    Michelle Cromer               School Safety:  Agent McKenzie           

    522      Q059   Lennox-Ann Bailey           PTA:  Room B23

                                                                 Afterschool Program, Room 128

    Art:  Genna Davidson                             Ms. Caddle, Ext 1282

    Dance:  Brenda Pickett-Arnold - Float      Attendance Teacher:  Cartrell Gore,

      Josie Elwood                               Cafeteria Staff, Ext 1006

    ESL:  Catherine Rolon                            Geraldine Fermin, Dietician

    Library:  Michelle Liotta - Library             Luz Galan, Head Cook

    Music:  Whitfield Coppin                         Doris Crossley

    Physical Education I:  Jason Separ        Darlene Johnson

    Vocal:  Toni Coleman                              Bibi Mahmood

                                                                  Lavar Patrick    

                                                                  Brenda Roberts

                                                                  Custodial Staff – Room 109

                                                                  Brian Tobin, Custodial Engineer

                                                                  Ralph Sanabria, Fireman

                                                                  Henri Giles, Cleaner

                                                                  Michael Thomas, Cleaner


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