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Our Mission

    The mission of the Law, Government & Community Service Magnet High School is to promote academic and social competencies, develop the qualities of leadership and citizenship that enable our students to interact positively in a global society.

    To achieve our mission goals, students are encouraged to: conceptualize ideas and theories using critical thinking skills aligned with the NYS Regents Standards; use verbal and written communication skills to analyze information; incorporate technology as a tool in researching information; assess and evaluate conclusions based upon investigations; use solutions to problem solving activities as foundations for further study and investigation.

Mission Statement

    The Mission of LGCS is to promote citizenship and leadership skills using academic and social competencies, which enable our students to interact positively in the community and global society.

Mission Statement Goals

v    Evaluate problems, analyze and conceptualize information and ideas

v    Use oral and written communication skills

v    Nurture each student’s creative skill

v    Develop “high level” critical thinking skills

v    Increase technological awareness

v    Enhance legal research skills through technology

v    Meet challenging Regents standards. 

v    Practice multicultural sensitivity.

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