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Welcome to Community School 111!

The Hidden Jewel of

 Long Island City

Visit our main website:

We are a Community School!

Family Room: Coffee daily for our Parents and Staff

Full time asthma specialist, guidance counselor, social worker on site.

The scholars receive free vision screening and glasses!

Smile Dental services provides free dental cleaning and flouride treatments 3x a year!

We have partnerships on each grade...

Pre-K: NYU Parent Corp and LEAP after school program

Kindergarten: City Harvest and NYU Parent Corp.

1st Grade: City Harvest and Community Word Project

2nd Grade: Community Word Project

3rd Grade: City Harvest and Academic Parent Teacher Teams, (APTT)

4th and 5th Grade: Academic Parent Teams, (APTT)

6th Grade: Cornell University Technology Program

7th Grade: Lincoln Center

8th Grade: Lincoln Center and St. John University Gear Up Tutors

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