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Admission to Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

Programs offered at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

Fine Arts
Core curriculum includes an intensive study of art,
including production, history, development of self and assessment skills. Courses of study include drawing, painting, ceramics, 3D Design, graphic design, communication arts, print making and photography; program is enriched by museum and gallery visits and partnerships with cultural institutions.
Audition Requirements


Core curriculum includes ballet and modern dance enriched by master classes and workshops in other dance forms (tap, jazz, ethnic).  Courses of study include dance history, choreography, dance criticism and anatomy/kinesiology.  Students will attend live performances and take part in school productions.
Audition Requirements

Instrumental Music

Core curriculum includes group instruction on all orchestral instruments; program features orchestra, intermediate and advanced band, jazz ensemble; advanced students participate in chamber music ensembles, e.g., brass quintet, string quartet and percussion ensemble.
Audition Requirements

Vocal Music

Vocal students perform in the FSSA Concert Choir or Chorale, Musical Theatre, Opera Workshop and participate in Cabaret. Curriculum includes voice training, music theory, sight singing, diction and audition preparation.
Audition Requirements


A four-year course of study that includes acting technique, theatre speech, playwriting and Shakespeare.
Audition Requirements

Film and Media Arts (Film/Video)
Course study includes text analysis, film as a cultural historical document along with an analysis of artist work. Students participate in courses learning video production, film theory & history, industry practices and legal issues. Students will have access to state-of-the-art digital technology.
Audition Requirements

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