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Our Mission

Frank Sinatra School of the Arts will offer the opportunity for all students to achieve their fullest academic and artistic potential. This will be accomplished through a rigorous educational program, which will include a challenging academic program, pre-conservatory studio work, experiences with cultural institutions, and intensive participation in community service. Students will be offered the opportunity to gain real world experience in the arts through internships and apprenticeships. Graduates will be prepared for both the finest conservatories and the best universities in the country. All of the people associated with the school – administrators, teachers, artists and performers – are consonant in their belief that students should be committed and dedicated to their art form, not fame and celebrity. Students should be prepared to work hard and long in their chosen field, learn to appreciate the art itself and, finally, to see their hard work as its own reward. From vision to course development to day-to-day teaching, the school is designed to reinforce its dedication to the arts.

Guiding Principles Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

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