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A Letter from Mr. Tony Bennett

To Whom It May Concern:

For a number of years the idea of creating a school of the Arts has been important to me. My interest was sparked by an experience I had with a public school in  Chicago, some time ago, where I saw the following things: art an abandoned vest-pocket park was taken over by a school: the park was cleared, mural were painted and the kids put on performances for the community. This showed me how powerfully the arts could be used for a community’s well-being.

The school I envision would stress community service, just like Chicago, where the kids could practice their craft. I would like students to know at the onset that fame and celebrity are not the true goals of the arts. The true artist is at the service of a rigorous arts and academic program…and his craft.

I also see a school where artists and entertainers themselves are intimately involved with the school. Toward this end, I have asked a number of prominent businessmen and performers to support and work with the school (i.e. Harry Belafonte, Wynton Marsalis, and Eli Wallach, to name a few). These performers could be involved in a number of ways, including mentoring, giving master classes and if need be, co-teaching a class.

Through the years, beginning with his Academy Award winning performance in The House I Live In, it was always Frank Sinatra’s desire to help children receive a quality education involving the arts. I can think of no better way to remember, celebrate and honor my best friend and colleague, the great performer and entertainer, Frank Sinatra, than to create a wonderful, vibrant school in his name.


Tony Bennett


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