Dance Studio

Teachers : Ani Udovicki & Olivier Heuts

Dance students follow a rigorous conservatory approach with a double period dance classes each day. Students are encouraged to perform in and outside of school. All students have the opportunity to attend live dance performances, workshops and master classes with guest artists.

Classical Ballet: (8 semesters) These courses emphasize the fundamental basics of technique. Students are expected to master correct body placement and alignment as they progressively build strength and flexibility as well as further developing self-discipline.  Ballet vocabulary and terminology are expanded each semester.

Modern Dance: (8 semesters) Classes are based upon the techniques and styles of Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Lester Horton and Erick Hawkins.  Students are expected to execute complex technical and musical combinations with knowledge of stage and musical terms.  Emphasis is placed on increased technical strength and vocabulary.

Anatomy and Kinesiology: (1 semester) This course examines the study of bones, joints, muscles, the principle of movement and mechanics, injury prevention as well as fitness and nutrition.

Choreography: (5 semesters) This course examines the principles of dance composition, in particular the study of basic rhythmic, spatial and dynamic materials used in the designing of dance.

Dance History: (6 semesters) In this course students study the development of Western Theatrical Dance from the Renaissance up to present day.

Musical Theater Dance:
This course explores the various styles, techniques, and characteristics of: jazz, tap and ballroom dance.  Through warm-up exercises and combinations, students explore the techniques of various contributors to jazz dance such as:  Luigi, Fosse, Matt Mattox, and Gus Giordano.   Also, students learn tap styles such as soft shoe and hoofing while examining the lives of various tap legends such as:  Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Savion Glover etc. Students are taught the vocabularies of various Ballroom (Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango, Swing etc.) and Latin (Merengue, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Rumba etc.) dances. Basic principles of alignment, isolations, placement, terminology and style are emphasized.  The historical, cultural, and societal relevance of jazz and tap dance are explored.  Students are assessed through written quizzes, movement quizzes, and projects.   

Dance Production / Dance behind the Scenes:
(2 semesters) Senior dance students work with Pentacle, a dance management organization. This is a program designed to complete a student's dance education by exploring the performing and non-performing elements of the art form. Many guests are invited to speak to the students and a professional choreographer serves as mentor for the Senior Show. Neta Pulvermacher has been the mentor for the last two years.

Prospective students expected to be familiar with the audition requirements for this studio.

It is imperative that students from all studios understand and adhere to FSSA'a Theater Etiquette policy.


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