Film and Media Studio

Film and Media Arts (Film/Video) 
Teachers: Dexter Buell, Dena Zamore, Kevin Lopez

Course study includes text analysis, film as a cultural & historical document along with an analysis of artist work. Students participate in courses learning video production, film theory & history, industry practices and legal issues. Students will have access to state-of-the-art digital technology.

Below are links to FSSA events and exemplary student film work that  might be of interest:

Lauren Jones Memorial: Part I

Lauren Jones Memorial: Part II

Senior Thesis Film: Strive (Narrative by Lauren Jones)

Lauren Jones Tribute ( Short Doc By Danielle Weisbord)

FSSA fall newscast produced by the Junior film Class

FSSA Halloween Show 2011

FSSA Senior Trip 2012(Montage By Christian Maldonado)
Occupy Rockefeller Center (Short Doc By Illisa Greenberg)

Frostbiting (Short Doc By Sophia Mitropoulos)

Freshmen Music Videos and other projects

How to Get a Guy (Short Narrative by Christine Carone)

Film Studio Documentary (Short Doc By Meredith Tannor and Catherine Zic)

Sophomore Sound Editing Films and other projects

Fly Me to the Moon (Short Doc by Thomas Bencivengo)

All FSSA Vimeo Channels (Browse more student film work)

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