Fine Arts Studio

Fine Arts Department    

Teachers: Jane Kahn, Nicole Spata, Sacha Twarog, Dexter Buell

All students enrolled in the Fine Arts program must complete 4 years of Fine Arts.

Foundation:  Introduces the freshmen art students to a number of disciplines within the fine art field such as: painting, drawing, sculpture, lettering, design and art history.  The course gives the students art historical references related to each discipline and an overview of Western art history

Art History: Students become familiar with a general time line of Western art history as well as the art of non-western cultures.  Students are able to see how the communication of values, ideas, information and stories as occurred throughout time in all geographic locations and with a multituse of media.  (Grade 9)

Printmaking:  Students develop an understanding of the roll printmaking has played in the dissemination of ideas, information and images.  Students work in the graphic media of artists as varied as: Durer, Emil Nolde, Hans Arp and Picasso.  Through the development of proficient technical skill in relief printmaking, the studnets communicate with a large audience.

Ceramics: Students learn the plastic and expressive qualities of this timeless medium.  Traditonal hand building methods will be demonstrated. Students will develop an understanding of how glazing effects finshed pieces and gain experince throwing forms on the wheel 

2D Design: This course is also one of the required foundation classes offered to incoming freshmen. The focus is on all areas of the elements and principles of design, including the following: line; shape; valve; color; shade texture and form. Exploration in various mediums is limitless. Assignments challenge students in analyzing works of art while students 'draw' their own conclusions. (Grade 9)

Painting: Students apply theory learned in their first year foundation courses to the medium of paint. The students will use materials such as watercolor, pastels and acrylic paints. There is an emphasis on mixing color. The students are required to work from observational drawing, transferring their ideas onto canvas by using scaling techniques. All students are encouraged to work from their imaginations. (Grade 10)

Drawing: This course is part of the core curriculum and is viewed as the basis of all content areas in Fine Arts. Students are challenged to capture the likeness of a study in various gestures, line and value, while using a wide range of mediums such as graphite; charcoal; cork crayon; ink and mixed media. (Grade 11)

Computer Graphics: In this course students learn Illustrator, Photoshop and In Design. This course explores graphic design in terms of advertising and editorial techniques. (Grade 11, 1st semester)

Portfolio: Students are required to work on assignments that will lead to the assembling of competitive portfolios which they will use in the process of applying to national and international art schools. (Grade 12, 1st semester)

Digital Photography: Students will apply the formal qualities of art learned throughout their four years to taking photographs that transcend snap shots. They will explore all aspects of Photoshop, not only as a tool for enhancing their photographs, but also as a medium in itself. They will use Photoshop to create images from their own imagination. In addition, students learn the history of photography and all technical aspects of the science of traditional photography. (Grade 12, 2nd semester)

Publishing: Students in this course will learn how to professionally and electrionically create the school's yearbook for publishing. In addition, assignments in which the students will design and publish posters and programs for spring school events will be given regularly. (Grade 12, 2nd semester)

Prospective students expected to be familiar with the audition requirements for this studio.

It is imperative that students from all studios understand and adhere to FSSA'a Theater Etiquette policy.

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