Instrumental Studio

Instrumental Department
Teachers: Laura Epstein, Eli Kronenberg, Ken Lieberson, William Stevens

All students enrolled in the Instrumental Department must complete 4 years of their art form.

Jazz Ensemble: The Frank Sinatra School of the Arts Jazz Ensemble is an elective open to all students through an audition. The large ensemble focuses on the music of the great big bands of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Thad Jones, among others.  An emphasis is placed on the study of improvisation through small combo ensembles and Jazz History.

Musicianship: (Freshman, introductory level required) Survey in music history, incorporating theory, entertaining and listening critically to World Music and Western classical repertoire.

Music Theory: (Sophomore level, required) Exploration of Palestrina style counterpoint, classical harmony and other theoretical concepts supported by singing, listening and analysis.

Keyboard Harmony: Basic keyboard skills combined with intermediate level theory applied to the keyboard. Students in the advanced performing ensembles may take keyboard as an elective.

String Ensemble: This class offers an opportunity for the string students to work on technique and chamber ensemble repertoire offering individual attention from the teacher.

Beginner Orchestra:
At FSSA all piano and guitar students are given the exciting opportunity to learn a stringed instrument: violin, viola, cello or bass. The students receive lessons every day in this course. The goal is for the students to join the FSSA Orchestra as soon as they have learned these basic appropriate skills.

Symphonic Orchestra: This is a high level course in which students from all music studios share their talents and skills by playing as a large ensemble. In this class students learn the great works for both orchestra and for the combined forces of chorus and orchestra.

Chamber Music: In this course students learn the fine art of playing works in small ensembles. Each student is given a part and bears the responsibility for his/her part. The students learn how to communicate via eye-contact, thus ensuring the piece is solid and unified.

Concert Band: The purpose of the concert band is to prepare students to play in the wind ensemble. Focus of instruction is on developing a cohesive group of musicians while improving sight-reading, tone, intonation technique and rhythmic accuracy. Performances will be given throughout the year with a final performance arranged by the New York State School of Music Association (NYSSMA).

Wind Ensemble: The wind ensemble is one of the elite ensembles at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. Students must pass a level 4 (1-6) solo jury to be accepted into the wind ensemble. The wind ensemble will perform level 5 & 6 music. Focus of instruction is to further improve tone, intonation, technique, accuracy and rhythm. Performance will focus on group cohesion and proper interpretation of the music. Music from many different eras and genres will be performed throughout the year. Yearly performances culminate in an assessment from New York State School of Music (NYSSMA).

Prospective students expected to be familiar with the audition requirements for this studio.

It is imperative that students from all studios understand and adhere to FSSA'a Theater Etiquette policy.

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