Vocal Studio

Vocal / Musical Theatre Department
Teachers: Heidi Best, Tom Sandri

All students enrolled in vocal must complete 4 years in their studio.

Opera workshop: Students study the history of specific operas, prepare and perform scenes and arias.

Chamber Singers: This is a course is designed to continue training small groups of elite performing ensembles. (SATB)

Women’s A Capella: This course is designed to continue training a small group of elite performing ensembles.

Men’s Ensemble: This is a new course designed to continue training a small group of elite performing ensembles.

Vocal Techniques: In this course students study in detail the history of classical and Broadway vocal literature. Classical arts songs in French, Italian, German, Latin and English are mastered. The course includes several performances and recitals.

Concert Choir: This is a course designed to further develop students’ ability to perform in several languages and as a choir. It is made up of a large group of elite singers within the program and the students are expected to be able to perform in a variety of styles of music. (SATB)

Choral: This is a large introductory vocal ensemble which focuses on developing vocal techniques, learning to sing in a variety of languages and styles. (SATB)

Music Theater: This is an advanced course encompassing all art forms, singing, instrumental music, dance, acting, fine arts and is offered by audition only to upperclassmen. Performance and audition techniques are taught. The students perform in a recital of musical theater scenes, and a full production of a major Broadway musical show.

Vocal Technique for Musical Theater: Students in voice receive small group vocal lessons every other day. Classical, opera and music theater performance are fused along with the technical and physical elements used in singing.

Keyboard: Three levels of keyboard/piano are offered at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. After a music student has passed musicianship and theory, they move onto keyboard. Students are placed by ability and learn classical, popular and jazz methods of playing.

Prospective students expected to be familiar with the audition requirements for this studio.

It is imperative that students from all studios understand and adhere to FSSA'a Theater Etiquette policy.

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