Administration and Faculty


Name Title
Donna Finn Principal
William Stevens Assistant Principal of Administration
Sofia Apostolidis Assistant Principal of Instruction
Jacqueline Pridgen Assistant Principal of Guidance
John Billera Dean
Matthew Lange Dean
Luba Ash Guidance Counselor
Felicia Valeta Guidance Counselor
Sheva El Hassan College Advisor
Addison Love Co-UFT Chapter Chairperson
Sandra Cohen             Co-UFT Chapter Chairperson
Catherine Marchetta Parent Coordinator
Andre Vasquez Production Manager/Treasurer
Julie Hoffman COSA/Senior Advisor
Espi Pita-Felstead

Co-PTA President

Merilyn Sooknana     Co-PTA President

Faculty by Department along with Course Descriptions

Drama Studio

Vocal Studio

Dance Studio

Instrumental Studio

Fine Arts

Film and Media

Mathematics Department

Science Department

English Deparment

Foreign Language Department

History Department

Physical Education Department

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