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P. S.  44 Cell Phone Policy

According to the new Chancellor’s Regulation A-413 students are permitted to bring cell phones and other electronic devices to school. P.S. 44 has developed a policy to describe when and where cell phones, computing devices and portable music and entertainment systems may be used in school. 

·         Children may carry cell phones and other electronic devices to and from school.

·         Once on school grounds all cell phones and electronic devices must:

o   Be turned off.

o   Put away, (not on the student) stored in a backpack or a secure location.

o   Cell Phones and other electronic devices are not to be used during school hours (including lunch, recess and gym) on school grounds.

If emergencies arise during the school day, a school official will contact parents. Likewise, if a parent needs to contact the school to speak with their child in the event of an emergency during school hours they can call the school’s main line at (718) 442-0433, therefore, please ensure that all contact information is updated.

If a student uses an electronic device in violation of school policy the student will be directed by staff to comply with school policy and put the cell phone or electronic device away.  If the student refuses to comply with this directive, the staff member will contact administration and the phone will be confiscated. Once a phone is confiscated a parent will need to retrieve the phone from school.


If a student reports that an electronic device is stolen or damaged at school, the school will take the following steps:

  • Notify the student’s parent
  • File an OORS report
  • Notify the NYPD if theft or other criminal activity is suspected
  • Investigate the allegations and take appropriate disciplinary actions in accordance with the Discipline Code


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