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Access your child's Acuity Predictive Assessment report (grades 3-5)




(Grades 3-5)

¨     Go to http://NYC-Acuity.McGraw-Hill.com

¨     Type in your child’s User Name and Password (Usually full name w/o spaces & DOE ID #, or available from your child's teacher, or Mrs. Hession ext. 1342)

¨     To link you child’s Acuity Predictive test, select View Reports

¨     Click Language Arts (or Mathematics).

¨      Click the blue colored link for your child’s Predictive Assessment test report.

¨      Your child’s test report will appear.

¨     Scroll down the page to the gray colored area. Note the scores under the column % Points Obtained. You will see (highlighted in blue) the area that your child did not meet Standards expectations.

¨      Click the Standard (worded in blue print) to the left of the score.

¨     A page will appear with all of the items within that Standard. You will see which items your child scored, or did not score, correctly by looking at the Points Obtained column.

¨     Click the blue colored question number to the left of the item to view the actual question that your child was asked on the test. If you click the Show Entire Item button, you will be able to view the content related to the question. (To exit this option: Red X out of the page)

¨     Click the Return to Report button to return.