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Thursday, December 18, 2014

NYC Dept of Education Website:  www.schools.nyc.gov  

PS 56 is now a POS lunch system school.  Please visit MyLunchMoney Customer Service at (800) 479-3531.

Families can complete the school meals application online. Regardless whether students will be eating hot lunch, all parents and guardians are required to submit one form for all their children attending any NYC DOE school. The online application is easy and will be sent electronically to SchoolFood and when processed the eligibility status will be sent to the school database, usually within 24 hours of receipt. We encourage households to use their computers at home, at libraries or their smart phones and go to nyc.applyforlunch.com and complete the online form.


If you have any meal eligibility questions, please contact the Office of SchoolFood Help Desk at (877) 363-6325 or email foodcompliance@schools.nyc.gov

2012-13   Student Handbook for all parents/guardians:    201213aGENDAhANDBOOK.pdf

Goals for 2012-2013

All students K-5, will experience four Common Core-aligned units of study: two in math and two aligned to the literacy standards in ELA, social studies, and/or science.

We will strengthen the common language and understanding of what quality teaching looks like by deepening the school community’s comprehension of Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. 

For Grades K-5, general education teachers will use guidance from the NYCDOE to review and modify the scope and sequence of MATH instruction.

For Grades K-5, general education teachers will use guidance from the NYCDOE to review and modify infusing opportunities for students to read and respond to a combination of texts through ELA instruction.


PS 56  Goes Green...                            
Send PTA your email address for future correspondence to  31R056PA@schools.nyc.gov  and type "ADD EMAIL TO RELAY" in the subject line.    Please include each of your children's names and classes.
                               PS56 PTA Webpage     
Willingness to Serve Form -- PS_56_PTA_WILLINGNESS_TO_SERVE_FORM.doc

PS 56 Calendar &  FOCUS Newsletter         

School Calendar:                     October2012Calendar.pdf

2012-13 DOE School Calendar : 

**If you experience difficulty downloading the Monthly School Calendar or the FOCUS Newsletter, you may need to download Adobe to your computer.  Visit this website,   ADOBE    , download and try to access the documents.** 

From the Principal ...

It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to make arrangements for child's dismissal pickup, should you be working,
unavailable or running late. For this reason, we ask that you have additional names listed on your emergency contact "blue" card. Children will only be released to adults authorized in writing (blue cards/letter) from parent/guardian. If you are planning to pick up your child earlier than dismissal time, please send a note to teacher, that morning, giving time and person who will be picking up child.

Monday thru Friday 2:40pm regular dismissal. Tuesday and Wednesday has 3:30pm Extended Day dismissal (in school yard).
Children cannot stay unattended in the office.


After School Programs
Currently, OST (After school "Latchkey") is filled to capacity. If you would like to ask the OST director, Allison Keith, to place your child on a waiting list, you may email her @ akeith@unitedactivities.org.    Kindergarten students with siblings already in the program will be the first placed.    UAU Phone number is (718) 987-8111.

 Kindergarten Fundations   

Home Support Package
K_HomeSupportpg1.pdf    K_HomeSupportpg2.pdf     K_HomeSupportpg3.pdf
K_HomeSupportpg4.pdf    K_HomeSupportpg5.pdf     K_HomeSupportpg6.pdf
K_HomeSupportpg7.pdf    K_MakeWordsActivityWk1.pdf   K_MakeWordsActivityWk2.pdf      K_MakeWordsActivityWk3.pdf     K_MakeWordsActivityWk4.pdf

Unit 1
Unit1Pg4.pdf   Unit1Pg5.pdf    Unit1Pg6.pdf   Unit1Pg7.pdf   Unit1Pg8.pdf   Unit1Pg9.pdf   Unit1Pg10.pdf

Unit 2
K_Unit2_pg1.pdf  K_Unit2_pg2.pdf   K_Unit2_pg3.pdf   K_Unit2_pg4.pdf  K_Unit2_pg5.pdf

Unit 3
K_Unit3_.pdf   K_Unit3_pg2.pdf    K_Unit3_pg3.pdf     
K_Unit3_pg4.pdf   K_Unit3_Wk1.pdf   K_Unit3_Wk2.pdf

Unit 5
Unit5pg1.pdf   Unit5pg2.pdf    Unit5pg3.pdf   Unit5pg4.pdf  Unit5pg5.pdf  Unit5pg6.pdf   Unit5pg7.pdf    Unit5pg8.pdf   Unit5pg9.pdf  Unit5pg10.pdf


  1st Grade Fundations           

Unit 1
Unit1pg1.pdf   Unit1pg2.pdf   Unit1Pg3.pdf  Unit1Pg4.pdf   Unit1Pg5.pdf   Unit1Pg6.pdf   Unit1Pg7.pdf   Unit1Pg8.pdf   Unit1Pg9.pdf   Unit1Pg10.pdf

Unit 2
Unit2_pg1.pdf  Unit2_pg2.pdf  Unit2_pg3.pdf  Unit2_pg4.pdf  Unit2_pg5.pdf  Unit2_pg6.pdf

Unit 3
Unit3pg1.pdf  Unit3pg2.pdf  Unit3pg3.pdf  Unit3pg4.pdf  Unit3pg5.pdf   Unit3pg6.pdf

Unit 4
1Unit4pg1.pdf   1Unit4pg3.pdf   1Unit4pg4.pdf  1Unit4pg5.pdf

Unit 5
1Unit5pg1.pdf   1Unit5pg2.pdf  1Unit5pg3.pdf 

Unit 6
1_unit6pg1.pdf      1_unit6pg3.pdf    1_unit6pg4.pdf      1_unit6pg5.pdf

Unit 7
1_Unit7pg1.pdf   1_Unit7pg2.pdf   1_Unit7pg3.pdf   1_Unit7pg4.pdf   1_Unit7pg5.pdf   1_Unit7pg6.pdf

Unit 8
Gr1Unit8.pdf     1_Unit8_pg3.pdf   Gr1_Unit9.pdf      1_Unit11_p5.pdf       1_Unit9_p5.pdf

Unit 10
Gr1_Unit10_pg1.pdf               Gr1_Unit10_pg5.pdf               Gr1_Unit10_pg4.pdf  

Unit 11
1Unit11.pdf       Gr1Unit11p2.pdf    Gr1Unit11p4.pdf      Gr1Unit11pg5.pdf

Unit 12
Unit12pg1.pdf      Unit12pg2.pdf       Unit12pg3.pdf

Unit 13
 1_Unit13pg1.pdf       1_Unit13pg2.pdf       1_Unit13pg3.pdf

Unit 14
Gr1Unite14.pdf   Gr1_Unit14pg2.pdf   Gr1_Unit14pg3.pdf  Gr1_Unit14pg6.pdf

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