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At New Dorp High School we believe that all youngsters should be involved in after-school activities. These activities may include athletic teams, clubs, publications, performing arts, government and leadership and community service. Students, who become involved in extra-curricular programs, will have a more rewarding and fun-filled high school career.

Extra-curricular programs develop in our young people a sense of belonging. Through the activities students meet others who have the same special interests. Extra-curricular activities also teach young people how to adequately manage their time, prioritize goals, overcome obstacles, work with others and deal with failure and success. Youngsters learn self-discipline, responsibility and develop character.

Extra-curricular activities are an important part of high school but not as important as academic progress and success. Therefore, all participants in extra-curricular activities must meet eligibility requirements. Students must pass a minimum of four (4) academic subjects and physical education and maintain 80% or better attendance record to be eligible. In addition students must have acquired a minimum of eight (8) academic and (2) two PE credits in the previous two terms in order to be eligible to participate in any activity.


STUDENT UNION - This is the student government which is comprised of a school wide elected Executive Board consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Executive officers coordinate all school wide activities and work on issues which are of interest to all students. In addition to the Executive Board, each grade has its own COUNCIL, which is made up of students interested in working on issues and activities specifically related to their own grade. Each grade council elects from within its ranks a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The officers of each grade council and the executive board meet with the principal weekly at the Principal’s Advisory Council.

LEADERSHIP TEAM - a committee made up of administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Generally, the Executive Board of the Student Union sits on this committee.

PEER MEDIATION AND NEGOTIATION (CONFLICT RESOLUTION TEAM) - The mediators are trained to work with their peers to solve conflicts. The negotiation team is comprised of students who visit classes and conduct lessons on negotiation skills, which are necessary for all students to master in order to avoid conflict with their peers, teachers, parents, etc.

LEADERSHIP/COUNCIL FOR UNITY CLASS - Students who serve on student government and those who wish to develop their leadership skills meet in class to develop appropriate activities for the student body. Grade Councils make up this class.


ARGONAUT - New Dorp’s yearbook is published annually. Even though the purpose of the yearbook is to celebrate the graduating class, sections dedicated to underclassmen are included and students from all grade levels make up the staff. Students interested in writing, lay-out and design, photography, reporting and researching are encouraged to get involved.

SPECTRUM –This is New Dorp’s literary magazine which is published annually. It highlights students’ creative writing in prose and poetry as well as other art forms.

PIONEER - This is the school newspaper. It is for the student who enjoys reporting, photography, writing, art, business management, advertising, marketing, etc.


DEBATE - (LINCOLN-DOUGLAS) - The team competes against other schools. Current events and controversial topics are usually the subject matter of the debates. The emphasis is placed on oral communication as well as preparation of pro/con arguments in written format.

MATH TEAM – Emphasis on all aspects of mathematics stressing high level problem solving. The team competes against other schools in tournaments.

CRANIAL CRUNCH - Students compete in a type of team Jeopardy! Tournament. Each round of the competition is taped for Staten Island Cable.

SCIENCE OLYMPIAD - Students with excellent background in science have the opportunity to participate in a rigorous competition, testing scientific knowledge and concepts.


COMMUNICATIONS BUREAU - Students speak at middle schools and other functions to provide information to audiences about New Dorp High School.

INTERACT - The junior Rotary Club enables students to work on community and school service projects.


ARISTA - The National Honor Society is open to the student who has maintained a high academic average and participated in many extra-curricular activities. Students qualify in junior year, but preparation for entry should begin when a student enters the school. There is an application and selection process.

DECA - the Distributive Education Club is for students who have shown high achievement in marketing, accounting, and other business related fields. Students take on a variety of school projects.

SPANISH, FRENCH AND ITALIAN HONOR SOCIETIES- Each society recognizes students who have excelled in that particular foreign language. Students meet with their respective group to discuss special contests, trips, culture, and school projects.


INTERNATIONAL CLUB - Comprised of students from all cultures, these students meet regularly, participate seminars, workshops and participate in community sponsored events. At the end of each school year, the club hosts an international talent show and buffet.

STAGE DESIGN AND SOUND CREW - This club is for students interested in the technical aspects of theater including set design and building. Students work on SING and the annual spring show as well as a variety of assembly programs and other school functions.

ART SALE - Students plan and work on the annual outdoor art exhibit.

DANCE CLUB - Co-ed classes held twice weekly which will enable students to learn and explore various forms of dance. The club performs at art festivals and school functions.

VIDEO YEARBOOK - Students video tape happenings that make a student’s senior year special. The students organize the video shoots, write the narrative for the video, and help with overall production.

PHOTOGRAPHY SQUAD - Students in this club assist in the yearbook production by taking photographs, developing them and building a portfolio. Members of the yearbook staff may then choose appropriate photos for the book.

WORLD RHYTHM DRUMMERS - Students learn the different rhythms of the world and learn how to play various percussive instruments with emphasis on drumming. This group performs at a variety of community functions.

CHEERLEADERS - Students learn side line routines and full length half time routines to perform at football and basketball games. The cheerleaders also perform at a variety of school functions.


SING – freshmen and juniors unite to develop an original production of song, dance, and drama. They compete against the sophomores and seniors in two nights of performances.

CENTRAL PLAYS – the Center Players of New Dorp HS perform in a showcase each year which includes small one act plays, scenes, monologues, and unique interpretations of classical literature.

INSTRUCTIONAL MUSIC –Symphonic and Dance Bands. Various Ensembles.


All teams are under the jurisdiction of the Public School Athletic League. Students who participate in any sports program must have an up to date medical on file and a parental consent form. Academic eligibility must be maintained. New Dorp has both junior varsity and varsity sports. These teams compete against other high schools for school, division, borough, and city titles.


BASEBALL                     BASKETBALL

BASKETBALL                 BOWLING

BOWLING                     GOLF

FOOTBALL                     GYMNASTICS

GOLF                                 HANDBALL

HANDBALL                     SOCCER

LACROSSE                     SOFTBALL

SOCCER                         SWIMMING

SWIMMING                     TENNIS

TENNIS                            TRACK – indoor                    

TRACK – indoor                TRACK - outdoor

TRACK - outdoor               TRACK - cross country

TRACK - cross country       VOLLEYBALL


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