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Port Richmond High School is an academic comprehensive high school in the New York City Public School System. Located on the north shore of Staten Island, "Port" has a diverse population of approximately 2600 students. The school currently serves the many fine neighborhood communities on the north and west shores including Port Richmond, Mariner's Harbor, Westerleigh, Bull's Head, New Springville, and Travis.

In 1927, Port Richmond High School opened its doors to a group of freshmen and sophomores, and had its first graduation in 1930. Since then more than 25,000 young men and women have received their high school diplomas from our great school.

Mr. William Halloran, who served as principal from 1927-1948, began what has become a long tradition of academic excellence and scholarship that continues today. Mr. Halloran's long tenure as principal was followed by the shorter terms of Mr. William Rogers, who served as principal from 1948-1950, and Mr. William Barlow, who served from 1950-1953. In 1966, under the principalship of Mr. James Tague, who served from 1954-1967, Port Richmond High School saw its first renovation that included the addition of a new wing that included a new cafeteria and gymnasium. The new wing was dedicated in 1968 during the tenure of Mr. Martin Blum, who served as principal from 1967-1971 when Mr. Herbert Balish became the school's leader, serving as principal from 1971-1982.

In 1982, Dr. Margaret Harrington began the first of her eight years as principal. During this period of time, the population of Port Richmond High School began to swell beyond the limited capacity of the original building and the recent addition. As such, Dr. Harrington lobbied and got approval for another, more ambitious renovation that would include administrative offices, state-of-the-art domestic and catering kitchens, a photography studio, a dance studio, robotics lab, printing and wood working shops, an auto mechanics shop, computer labs, and television studio. The renovation also included the modernization of all classrooms in what has become known now as the "old wing." With some students attending classes in portable classrooms, ground breaking took place in 1991 and the new wing was officially dedicated in 1994 under the guidance of the new principal, Ms. Suzanne O. Weber, who served from 1990-1994.

In 1994, Mr. Michael A. Davino took over the helm at Richmond High School, strengthening the academic and athletic programs. In 1998, Newsweek magazine placed Port Richmond High School on its list of "Best High Schools" in the country. In 1998, Mr. Robert J. Graham became the 10th principal of Port Richmond High School, bringing a background of technology to the school. The high academic standards continued as Port Richmond High School was again named to the Newsweek list of "Best High Schools" in 1999 and 2000, the final year that the Newsweek list was published. In addition to continuing the high academic standards, Port Richmond received another major facelift in 2001 when the entire athletic field was completely renovated.
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